Careers Within The Entertainment Industry


Actors use their voice, body and appearance to interpret and perform scripts. They audition for roles in theatre, television, commercials and movies and work at live events and theme parks too.

Performing in front of an audience is nerve-wracking for even the most talented artists and can cause them to suffer from anxiety. In order to overcome these nerves, they need a great deal of resilience and perseverance to succeed.


Musicians can pursue many avenues within the entertainment industry. They can play in a band, become a session musician or sing as a jingle or cruise ship singer. Many musicians also free-lance their skills, working contractually with nightclubs or tour venues.

Publicists in the music industry work to position performers for success. They come up with promotional tactics, think of ways to “brand” artists and get their names stuck in the minds of music fans.


In this field, you could write scripts for movies, television shows and even podcasts. Or, you could work behind the scenes for publications like magazines and news websites. You might also create content about celebrities, arranging interviews or writing regular monologues for hosts.

Those pushes to digital mean production companies need developers who can make their platforms enticing.

Booking Agents

Booking agents arrange performances and appearances for their clients. They may work for talent agencies that assign them clients or they might scout their own talents.

They also negotiate performance contracts. They need to have excellent music business knowledge and stay up to date with current trends. There are no formal qualifications to become a booking agent, but working in other aspects of the industry can help build up experience and contacts.