Mini DV to Digital

Mini DV to Digital Conversion For Older Bands

If your band was conceived pre 1990s like Midnight Oil was, then you were probably lucky enough to take pictures on an old analogue camera and take videos on and old not so handy handy-cam.  Nowadays, thanks to the arrival of the digital age, most people take pictures and shoot videos that are then saved in a digital format.  This means that it can be transferred and shared with anyone that has internet access around the world.  Great for promotional efforts and reaching a wider audience, this technology has become the norm, and people now have a camera on their phone that is more powerful that the most cameras twenty to thirty years ago. If you have stacks of old pictures and tapes, read on to find out how digital conversion processes, like mini DV to digital conversion, can revive your old archives.

Mini DV to Digital

Safe Guard Memories With Mini DV to Digital

Mini DV to digital conversion services provide the ideal way to take your old photos, tapes and negatives and transform them into a digital format.  These companies generally work with all kinds of historical formats, but it is best to check and find out exactly what services they offer.  Depending on how popular the old format is, they might not be able to convert come the more obscure tapes from back in the day.  These tapes may need specialist players and equipment, but major converting services claim to be able to convert almost every old format that is out there.

Mini DV to Digital

Old Tapes Have a Timeline

One thing that is relatively unknown about these old tapes is that over time they degrade, and the information on the tape suffers from minor damage as time goes by.  Tapes consist of a magnetic strip between two reels, and every time the tape is played, some stretching of the magnetic tape occurs. The player head inside the tape machine or video camera also affects the tape the more times it is played.  Once this damage has been done to the original tape, it is permanent and cannot be erased.  This is why it is a very good idea to convert any precious tapes you have sooner rather than later.  Even sitting in storage will eventually corrupt the tape and playback will be affected.

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Cloud Storage For Old Gigs

Cloud storage tends to confuse a lot of people as to how it works, but the reality is that it is quite simple.  Company’s own stacks and stacks worth or hard drives that they rent out to customers that need storage.  The hard drives are accessed via the internet, and a lot of companies like Apple will sync all of your media and content to your hard drive automatically.  For footage and pictures that have been converted into a digital format, this means that they can be securely saved and accessed at any time.  Cloud based storage also means that people can access their media from anywhere in the world, and share it with anyone they like.