Pallet Trolleys Are a Must For Bands

If you are on the road trying to make it big as the next rock and roll band, you hopefully understand that without your handling crew, you are going nowhere.  So much so that if you want to have a stunning live show, you are ultimately going to have to organise the logistics for the transportation of all the gear that makes the show possible.  Most artists will take everything on the road with them, audio, lighting, video, stages, maintenance, even catering equipment.  And then you need the manpower to move and set up all this equipment, so a big act tour can become a logistical nightmare.

Pallet Trolleys

Pallet Trolleys For The Crew

These headline tours around the world often go one for months, even years at a time, so the crew and band work long and hard hours to get the show performed.  Heavy-duty pallet trolleys make the moving and handling of awkward and bulk objects easy, fast and safe.  Much of the equipment used by touring bands are stored in flight cases, which are heavy-duty and padded on the inside so that their contents are safe.  They also roll on casters, so that they can be moved around easily.  Having heavy goods on wheels can be incredibly useful when you are moving massive amounts of equipment in a short time frame.   This is why trolley jacks and pallet trolleys are used in this situation.

Pallet Trolleys

Transporting the Crew

Ok so we have discussed the movement of all the gear necessary for the show, but what about the people that make it happen.  It is not uncommon for concert tours to have crews of over 100 individuals, ranging from riggers, caterers, security, technicians, electricians and drivers.  All of these people need transport, accommodation and catering, not to mention they have to be paid.


Clearing Customs

For international tours, all the equipment that is needed for the show must go through customs at every single border the show encounters.  These tours often run on a relatively tight schedule, and one of the things that can make or break a successful world tour is the smooth clearance of all the band’s equipment.  Anything from incorrect paperwork to a moody customs agent can delay the gear while it is in transit.  For this reason, specialist touring cargo companies often employ third party customs specialists to set up customs clearance in advance.

Pallet Trolleys

The Biggest Shows On Earth

For major world tours, a specialist cargo company that deals specifically in live acts is a must.  They have the experience necessary to coordinate the movement of this type of cargo.  If there are any delays, damages or errors, the whole show could be completely thrown off for the remainder of the dates. U2’s 360 Degree tour needed a total of 120 trucks to move the stage, screen, lights and the 250 speakers required for the show to move them from venue to venue.  In the pop music world, Beyonce needed 7 Boeing 747 cargo planes to transport all of her equipment for her Formation Tour.