two windows on a brick building with one of them being badly shattered

What Are The Most Secure Windows & Doors In Glasgow?

If you are living in this Scottish area and want to ensure that your home is safe from unwanted visitors, there are diverse ways to enhance the security of windows and doors in Glasgow.

Most Secure Windows and Doors

Several varieties of security glass and security film are available to make windows harder to break. Tempered and laminated glass also add additional strength.

1. Casement and Awning Windows

Windows and Doors in Glasgow can be a possible entry point for criminals so it is key to have robust protection in place in order to secure your home. Crank windows (which are also called awning and casement windows) don’t have rails or meeting sashes, so they offer an unobstructed view of the outdoors. They are ideal for spaces where ventilation is important, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

They are also easy to open and close because they are operated by a hand crank. They can also be easily cleaned from the inside.

Because casement windows open fully, they maximize airflow and capture breezes better than other styles. They’re also great for rooms that need a lot of natural ventilation.

2. Low-E Glass

Low-E glass is a specialized coating that blocks solar rays, such as ultraviolet (UV) and infrared light. This can help save you from costly fading and damage to furniture, walls, carpeting, and other items in your home.

It also helps keep the heat inside your house during the winter, and keeps it out during the summer. These benefits make Low-E glass a great option for Florida homeowners who are looking to reduce their heating and cooling costs while keeping their homes comfortable all year round.

There are many factors to consider when choosing replacement windows or doors, including what type of glass and other features will best meet your needs and budget. Talk with your window installer about these options and get a free quote for your new doors!

3. Multipoint Locking Systems

One of the most secure upgrades you can make to your Glasgow home is an entry door with a multipoint locking system. It provides additional security and peace of mind, and it can help you get a lower insurance premium.

A multipoint lock typically has three bolts that lock from the top, bottom, and side edge of the door frame – a lot more secure than a single deadbolt. This spreads the load across multiple points, which can reduce wear and tear on your hinges.

You can find multipoint locks for many uPVC and composite doors, including Entry Doors, French Doors, Patio Doors and Sliding Glass Doors. Some, like Fullex, even carry the ‘Secured by Design’ certification, which is an official UK police flagship initiative.

4. Glass Break Sensors

Glass break sensors are an important layer of protection to add to your security system. They act as an additional line of defense, triggering your alarm when the glass in a window or door is broken to protect against home invasions.

Unlike typical PIR motion detectors that only work when a window or door is opened, glass break sensors trigger your alarm when glass is broken, giving you an early warning of potential threats to your home.

Some models are triggered by the sound of breaking glass, while others are activated by vibrations as the glass is struck or broken. Both types can be set to sensitivity levels that are adjustable with the sensor’s sensitivity switch.

Higher-quality sensors are able to analyze sound frequencies at multiple levels to reduce false alarms. Some even include indicators to let you know if the sensor is armed, has been tampered with and if the batteries are running low.