sell my house quickly

Why Did I Sell My House Quickly?

This is a special guest article from a fellow artist that we actually played with a few times during our golden years of touring. His name is Mick Fletcher and he is a solo artist that decided to put it all on the line so that he could make it as a musician.  We discussed here in our recent blog post just how hard it can be making it in the music industry, and this is a perfect example of how you have to believe in yourself and be invested one hundred per cent in making it. He contacted us telling us saying ‘why did I sell my house quickly?’ and as we read the story we were absolutely captivated fro start to finish. We had no idea that he had done this to pursue a career in music and we simply had to share his story, so we asked him to revise it so that we could share it on our website.

sell my house quickly

I Wanted To Sell My House Quickly

This is my story of how I took the plunge to fully immerse myself in my music career and leave my old life behind. The decision to sell my house quickly did not come lightly, and I had thought about if for hours on end wondering if I was barking mad. Looking back on it, I still think I was extremely nieve and foolish to make such a risky decision, but now I am extremely glad I did. After 20 years of playing all around the world for hundreds of thousands of people, I am so glad I decided to make the move.  It is a choice that most people wouldn’t even dream of making, but I have never been one of those people that follow the crowd.

sell my house quickly

Why It Happened

I had been working in a fairly unexciting job for about 5 years, and had almost paid off my mortgage. I was at a point in life where most people would consider that I had made it, but I knew it wasn’t my calling. I was playing in some small venues trying to get my music out there, but there was no real urgency behind what I was doing. So I decided that this would be my kick up the backside that would hopefully get my hungry to succeed.  I sold my house and put most of the money into a saving bond and spent the rest on recording a new album and marketed it myself. I short term rented for a bit while recording, then did some couch surfing, before things started to pick up for my music.


I Started Touring

To be honest, the events that happened next happened very quickly. I managed to get signed to an agency, then I got signed to a label, then I was touring all over the country. That was it, and I cannot say for certain whether or not it would have happened if I hadn’t sold my house, but I know that it changed something about me and my approach.  It was like it had to happen after that.