How To Make It As A Musician

We all know just how hard it is to make it in the music business, as it can be tough to break into and even harder to make a living from.

We wanted to share some of the things that we have learned along the way during our musical journey, so that aspiring musicians can get out there and be heard.

This isn’t a ‘get famous quick’ post, but rather a reality check to help put things in perspective for musicians.

Ok let’s get started.

  1. Master Your Craft

This one should be obvious, but you have to dedicate hours and hours playing and practising your chosen music discipline. Whether it is singing, writing, or playing an instrument, you have to be good enough to be taken seriously in this industry, so put in the hours first!

2. Record Demos and Get Them Out There

Recording demos really helps you to create full songs that are well rounded, so get recording. You should also share your music to hear what kind of response it is getting.

3. Promote Yourself

It is no use having great songs if no-one ever hears them. Try to promote your music via as many channels as you can, social media is a great place to start. The internet is good, but it has created an oversaturation of artists all scrambling to be heard, so be creative and try new things.

4. Network

This goes alongside the promotion element, but the more people you know in the music industry the better chances you have of being heard. Go to other people’s shows, network at these events, and make sure you do it naturally and don’t just tell everyone you meet that you are an artist, this will get you nowhere.

5. Keep Going

If you genuinely want to make it in the music world, you have to keep going at it and cannot give up. Believe in yourself and keep doing your own thing.